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The ReUsery is a new not for profit organisation based in Bristol (Redfield).

We promote sustainable development through

reduce, reuse, repair, upcycle, and recycle initiatives.

- We run and host various inspiring sustainable lifestyle workshops, reuse craft classes and some free skills swap sessions from our studio on Church Road (BS5) but also for schools, community groups, private events, parties and festival.

Find out about our upcoming events and activities here.

- Our Catalogue of Eco Catalogue is a platform to facilitate work opportunity between reuse crafters/artists/workshop facilitators and people who might be interested to involved such activities in their events (private or public).

It works like an artist agency for sustainable activities.


If you want to register for free you own workshop in this catalogue, please get in touch

If you are looking for an activity for a group or an event, please browse our list of activities here.

- We were planning a Zero Waste Family Challenge in Bristol. But Bristol Waste Company is actually doing a Waste Nothing Family challenge this year, so we are post-poning this project but are becoming a partner of this challenge by offering some eco workshops.

However we could still offer this challenge in other locations than Bristol.

- We organise exchanges and visits between similar organisations to exchange skills and ideas.

We are also taking part to various eco events and we are partnership with various organisations. Find out about our upcoming events and activities here.

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