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  • What are we about?


Protection the environment. Learning techniques to be self sufficient. Making things from reused materials. Saving money and resources. Connection people together. Being creative.


Promoting sustainable development through Reduce/ReUse/Repair/Upcycle/Recycle initiatives.




  • What do we do concretely?


Craft workshops about reusing materials (e.g: jewellery out of drink can, doll from reused textile, mobile from plastic lids)


Creating useful things (e.g: making natural skincare products, natural cleaning products, reusable breast pads)


Creating and managing a platform for artists/makers/workshop facilitators to promote their work and idea about sustainability and the environment.

Promoting work opportunity for these artists (e.g: finding them some contracts)


Meet and mingle events in our studio (Bethesda Methodist Church, BS5) for people to meet, to exchange ideas, tips and techniques .


Talks, projections, exhibitions (e.g: photo exhibition of fly tipping sofa, sculpture, any art work).


Workshops for birthday party, private event, business team meeting.




  • Who do we work with?


Children, adults, vulnerable people, elderly over 60.

Schools, university, community groups, festivals, businesses, private parties.

We also host individuals and organisations in our studio to run eco activities.




  • Where are we based?


We have a studio in the Bethesda Methodist Church (Church Rd, BS5) from where we run various workshops and classes but we also work everywhere in and out of Bristol according to the partnerships and projects.




  • Individuals, want to be involved?


- Join the clubs, workshops and classes (see our activities, prices varies according to the workshops but the it goes from £5 to £30)


- Volunteer: help in the core project (e.g social media, workshop assistant, writing tutorial, admin etc), run or assist a workshop…There are lots of things do to, so please get in touch for a little chat.




  • Artists/makers, want to be involved?


- Register your workshops/projects in our platform for free. See how it looks like here.


- Use our studio to run some activities. We will help promoting your event. Please contact us for details.


  • Are we a charity?


We are a private company limited by guarantee with charitable status. All our profits stay in the organisation to cary on our work. We don’t have any staff yet. We might become a charity at some point but as we have only been incorporated in October 2018.




  • Further interest:


Binding the gaps between the different groups in the community (e.g: intergenerational and intercultural exchanges




  • How to contact and follow us:




Facebook: TheReusery

Instagram: The ReUsery


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